War Journal #3

the story so far #3

Behind the door that the party believed led to Sinruth, they found a dark hallway lined with ominously humming metal columns. On the other side was a cozy room that reeked of hobgoblin, containing nothing but a desk, a chair, a chest, and a sarcophagus. In this room, the party found many of the relics that were stolen from the Hall of Valor—all except the dragoncrest helm, the iron gauntlets, and the platinum longsword. They also found a note to Sinruth that praised him for his recent raid on Brindol and urged him to attack again, while the town was still reeling. The note was signed with the same black arrowhead symbol that marked the blackblades, and the sender promised that a “new shipment of weapons” would soon arrive, but also cautioned that the ceremonial platinum longsword stolen from Brindol be given to them as soon as possible.

The party rushed back to Brindol with the prisoners in tow to find that the town was once again under attack, and Sinruth was at the front of the charge. In the main square, the hulking hobgoblin commanded the attack, clad in the dragoncrest helm and iron gauntlets from the Hall of Valor, and wearing the ceremonial platinum longsword slung over his back. With the help of Alys and their old friend B’tak, the blacksmith’s apprentice, the party was able to defeat Sinruth and stave off the attack.

In the aftermath, Semster Palterjoy noticed that the black spiked chain that the hobgoblin wielded was marked with the same black arrowhead as the blackblades, the mark of the mysterious “Emissary”. The party agreed to keep the chain, but returned all the artifacts to the Hall of Valor, and made sure the freed captives got the care they needed. They were given a heroes’ congratulations by the City Council, though the Freeriders were nowhere to be found. While the town suffered greatly, Brindol was ultimately saved.



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