In the beginning, the gods created the world.

There are a variety of opinions as to how this came to be. The most popular opinion states that it was created from the severed genatalia of one of the gods as part of the fights they regularly got into, though the identity of the snipper and the snipped is the matter of heated debate. Other more ostracized sects maintain that the world must have been the offspring of several natural forces, or birthed by a massive lobster, or is somehow related to their favorite color. A very small contingent of thinkers, regarded by the entirety of civilization as completely bonkers, actually believes that the world must be floating in space.

Regardless of religious theories, the facts are as thus: the planet of Coaxera is a hollowed-out sphere, and everything interesting takes place on the inside. On the inside is the atmosphere, the continents, the oceans; kingdoms and ruins, blasted plains and freezing depths. Every morning, the Sun (the god himself as well as the physical manifestation of his power) rises from the Eastern pole and travels through the sky to the Western pole, lighting the whole planet simultaneously, and every night, the Moon follows a perpendicular path.

The hollowed-out planet comes with a number of quirks of physics, including but not limited to: no tides, no gravity in the center of the planet, endless lines-of-sight on a clear day, and no rotation. The outer crust of the planet goes on for a very long way, and no one is quite sure what lies on the outside, if there even is one (though everyone has an opinion). The truth is, deep in the earth, past all the levels of Hell and all the miles and miles of Underdark, there is an outside. And sometimes, things try to get in.


There are somewhere between three and seven continents. The number is indefinite not only because people can never seem to decide on what qualifies as a continent, but also because the landmasses are often moving around, colliding, exploding, or simply disappearing. This sort of thing happens all the time, even when you pay very close attention, but it is happening at a very slow rate, so it often goes unnoticed. At any rate, few good maps of the world exist.

Massive, continent-sprawling empires have existed in the past, some even recently, but at the present time, no such civilizations exist, and the world is mostly a wilderness teeming with dangerous monsters and spotted with crumbling ruins, a relic of earlier times. Pockets of civilization do exist in this frontier, but they are few and far between, bastions of culture and order in a world otherwise overrun with chaos.

Notable Locations

One such point of light is the Elsir Vale, a quiet frontier land bordered by mountains on the extreme eastern side of the continent of Akkarr. It is inhabited by farming communities and various small cities and towns. No monarch or ruler holds sway over the Vale; each city is run by a council and manages its affairs in a state of relative peace with its neighbors.


Check out Races of Coaxera.

Many races inhabit Coaxera, high above the clouds and deep below the surface of the earth as well as the various peoples living on the land itself. These include humans, elves, and dwarves, as well as more uncommon folk.


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