The gods are very real, and they constantly meddle with the lives of mortals. Each is associated with several aspect of humanity, but each also has a physical manifestation that make their power and splendor apparent to all their worshippers. Some believe that the gods also have an existence beyond their physical form, in the Aether outside the planet’s crust, but this is pure conjecture… for those who have not ventured that far.

The Gods


BAHAMUT (Lawful Good): The god of the Sun, protection, nobility, and honor. The keeper of time and the inventor of civilization. The Platinum Dragon and the Lord of Light are his epithets. He is the god most commonly worshipped by ordinary people and the patron of metallic dragons.

MELORA (Neutral Good): The goddess of the Stars, the wilderness, and the sea, which she created and presides over. Her form is present in the stars that float over the world at night, each an intangible jewel of light that represents both guidance and balance.

SEHANINE (Chaotic Good): The goddess of the Moon, the arts, music, and love. Each night, she covers the world with her pale and loving light, temporary respite from the bright light of day. Like the ever-changing Moon, followers of Sehanine always seek new experiences and change, and never let themselves be tied down too long.

MORADIN (Lawful Neutral): The god of order, justice, and home. His followers are the judges and the arbiters of the world, and temples to Moradin serve as courthouses across Coaxera. Dwarves are particularly fond of him, and so are executioners.

IOUN (True Neutral): The deity of magic. The very fabric of the world is made out of Ioun’s body, a magical field which pervades every aspect of existence. The other eight gods are simply aspects of Ioun, each with their own separate and jealously guarded fiefdom, and not even the gods seem to understand the true extent of Ioun’s power. In a very real sense, the world itself is just a dream in Ioun’s head.

AVANDRA (Chaotic Neutral): The goddess of change, freedom and luck. Patron of vagabonds, thieves, and all those who make their lives on the road. Lady Luck is her epithet. Her temples are few and far between, but standing stones beside the world’s oldest roads mark her holy places.

ASMODEUS, THE HELL-LORD (Lawful Evil): The lord of the Nine Circles of Hell, tyranny, oppression, and vengeance. The Mastermind and The King of Dragons are his epithets. He is the patron of devils, dictators, and chromatic dragons.

THE RAVEN QUEEN (Neutral Evil): The goddess of Death, the spinner of fate and the Mistress of Shadows. The goddess of assassins and those who work in the darkness. Anywhere a shadow is cast, she is there, listening.

PAT, THE BOOGER LORD (Chaotic Evil): Not much is known about the youngest of the deities, a whirlwind of feverishly malicious energy that has appeared at random times in history to shake the very earth with his prowess in battle and pure destructive might. He works in the darkness, but is not contained by it. Of all the gods, he is the one with the weakest ties to the mortal plane, and the greatest connection to the realm beyond.



Deep underneath the crust of Coaxera lies Hell, the realm of Asmodeus. Each of the Nine Circles has its own Arch-Fiend, who presides over it and its inhabitants.

The Aether

Outside Coaxera lies the Aether, the realm of the gods… and other things.


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