Messenger from Brindol.


Alys Stream-Runner

Human Messenger
Hometown: Brindol, Elsir Vale

HP 32
AC 17 FORT 15 REF 15 WILL 15
Healing Surges: 8

STR 11 INT 13
DEX 14 WIS 14
CON 15 CHA 12

Blacksteel Shortsword: +9 vs AC / 1d6 + 1 (additional 1d6 with combat advantage)
Sling: +9 vs AC / 1d6 + 3

Nature +7
Endurance + 8



A messenger from the town of Brindol in Elsir Vale, Alys was first introduced to the party when she was taken captive by hobgoblins during their raid on Brindol. She resisted heavily, but was overcome by their strength and held prisoner for several days. Several hours before she was supposed to be devoured by the lich Lord Rivenroar, the party freed her, and she helped them defeat Rivenroar. Later, Alys proved her worth by defending the rest of the prisoners outside the ruins of Castle Rivenroar while the party finished off the remaining hobgoblins. She helped the party return to Brindol and stave off Sinruth’s final assault.

Alys stands a little over 5 feet tall, with a slight build and intense features. Her hair and eyes are dark, and her skin is tanned and weathered by the elements. She prefers the quiet tranquility of the outdoors to the bustle of a city, and fights savagely, but not with glee. Her left arm is a stump below the elbow from where a boneshard skeleton broke through her defenses in the throne chamber at Castle Rivenroar. She keeps it bandaged up tightly, but refuses to wear any sort of prosthesis. She wields a short sword of blacksteel engraved with a curious arrowhead symbol that the party gave to her in Castle Rivenroar.

Alys feels a deep affinity for Elsir Vale and regards the protection of her homeland and the civilization in the Vale as of the highest priority. The cousin of an important noble in Overlook, she tends to avoid the city because she gets too much attention there, but she runs messages across the Vale between all the other settlements for a living.


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