The Fiefdom of Overlook

The city of Overlook stands on the eastern slopes of the Stonehome Mountains, a hoary range of crumbling peaks as old as the world. The city’s founding lies sometime far back in the mists of time, at a point after the dwarves in this region threw off the shackles of slavery and chased the giants and orcs west across the mountains at the end of the Age of Chains. Overlook, and the fastness of Bordrin’s Watch, were raised to safeguard the liberated dwarf peoples and to be the first line of defense should their ancient enemies forget their defeat and seek to enslave the dwarves once more.

Surrounding Area

Overlook sits at the far west end of Elsir Vale, where the Vale meets the massive Stonehome Mountains. To the west of Overlook, beyond the Stonehome Mountains, is the western wastelands, and to the east is the rest of the Vale. The thick forest of Westdeep is in close proximity to Overlook on the east and the north, and beyond Westdeep to the north lies the ruins of the city of Rhest.

The Western Wastelands

The lands west of the Stonehome Mountains have been a festering mire of want and suffering. This parched and barren landscape is suited only for orcs, goblinoids, and other fell creatures. From time to time, a warlord gathers a small army and tumbles out of these badlands to test their strength and arms against the stalwart dwarf defenders, but never have they crossed the mountains because straddling its single pass is an ancient dwarven stronghold named Bordrin’s Watch. No matter how many orcs muster, they die upon its walls, painting the sturdy stone with their black blood.


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